Keep Bondi Beautiful

Jan 2015
Everyone has a role to play in keeping Bondi beautiful!
Please place all your litter in the bins provided - there are plenty around on the beach and the promenade, and don't leave your butts on the beach - remember that smoking is banned on all the beaches in Waverley, Bondi included. Waverley Council rangers patrol the beach regularly, and if you do smoke on the beach you could face a fine.

Swim between the flags!

Jan 2015

The number one rule on the beach is to always swim the flags! They're there for your safety. Our world famous lifeguards carefully assess the ocean's tides and conditions each morning, before placing the flags in the best possible position to ensure your safety. Remember, stay between the flags, and don't swim alone. You should also learnt the telltale signs of dangerous rips and waves. If you do get caught in a rip, raise your hand for help, stay calm and float.

Keep your valuables safe!

Jan 2015
Thieves visit the beach too, and nothing spoils a day of summer fun like getting your wallet, phone or other valuables swiped while you're taking a plunge or having fun in the sun. Placing a towel over your belongings is really not enough to deter thieves so try leaving valuables at home, taking turns with a friend to watch over them or hiring a locker for peace of mind.

Sun safety

Jan 2015
Where else in the world would you rather be for a long, hot summer than beautiful Bondi Beach?

Not so beautiful is sun damaged skin, and skin cancer, one of the leading causes of death in Australia. So while you're enjoying fun in the summer sun, don't forget to slip, slop, slap, seek and slide....

• Slip on some sun protective clothing that covers as much skin as possible

• Slop on broad spectrum, water-resistant SPF30+ sunscreen. Apply 20 minutes before you go outdoors and every two hours afterwards.

• Slap on a hat - best styles are broad brimmed or legionnaire style to protect your face, head, neck and ears.

• Seek out shade, especially between the hours of 11 and 2 when the sun's rays are at their most damaging.

• Slide on some sunglasses - make sure they meet Australian Standards.

Beach lockers

Jan 2015
Keep your valuable safe while you're on the beach this summer! Did you know you can hire lockers at Bondi Beach to keep your treasures safe? The lockers are available from 6am - 8pm every day for a four hour period. Lockers are located inside the Bondi Pavilion and also on Bondi Promenade near the Bondi Surf Club. You can also hire a locker on the beach through Bondi Beach Hire, located outside the Bondi Pavilion.

Don't take the risk of thieves spoiling your day at the beach - hire a locker and relax!