Bondi Life

Waking Up in Bondi

Bondi wakes up early with surfers, swimmers and photographers all flocking to the beach to experience the gorgeous sunrise and early morning waves. Even before the sun rises over the Pacific Ocean keen runners will be treading a path up and down the promenade taking in the early morning scene. Cafes are open early and are a great way to start your day in Bondi.

You can check out some amazing photos of Bondi sunrises on the Aquabumps website. Aquabumps is a website dedicated to Bondi in the early hours of the morning. They also sell their images at the local gallery and online.

Hanging at the Beach

Once you’ve lathered on the sunscreen and packed your hat and sunglasses you’re ready for a couple of hours of bliss by the beach.

The water is typically much calmer on the North end of the beach (opposite end to Icebergs) and there will be flags up that end for safe swimming. Remember to always always swim between the flags. It's also a good idea to learn about staying safe at Bondi Beach this summer. Click here for more information. 

The North is also a great place to hangout as there is the “grassy knoll”. The grassy knoll is the grassy hill on the north side of the beach. It’s a great place to chill out. The Southern end is where you will more often see surfers. This is because the conditions usually make the waves more fun up that end.

Want to be surfer not just a spectactor? Bondi is a great place to learn and there are lots of beginners in the water. The Surf School Let's Go Surfing is a great place to start. They will teach you on safe foam boards and most people can stand up after two-hour lesson. You’ll need a lot more practice to be confident in the water on your own. You will also want to learn surfing etiquette. Click here to find out more.

If you’re feeling active there is plenty to do at the beach! You might even want to try out Bondi Beachobatics as the locals did in the 1930s.

It’s always a good idea to bring reading material to the beach. If you want a peek into Bondi local life pick up a copy of the free press Wentworth Courier or The Beast. This will give you more insight to local Bondi stories. Some great recent Australian novels perfect for beach reading include: Tim Winton’s Breath, Hannah Richell’s Secrets of the Tides and Faval Parrett’s Past the Shallows. Check out more Australian reads at Get Reading.

How to make friends in Bondi

There are so many ways to meet people in Bondi. Some great places to meet people are at the local cafes. You also can meet lots of people by working at one of the summer outdoor cinemas or volunteering at one of the surf lifesaving clubs. There are also organised groups you can join on Meetups. Meet ups matches people to their interests. There’s even a meet up “Friendships in Sydney – City and Eastern Suburbs”.

Just so you know.. One of the fastest ways to not make friends in Bondi includes littering on the beach, or anywhere in Bondi for that matter. The locals find it so heartbreaking to find the beach used as a rubbish dump after a long summers day.

Bondi’s history

Map of BondiHere are some facts about Bondi’s history you can use to impress…

The Gadigal and Bidjigal people are the custodians of this area and traditionally occupied the Sydney Coast.

Aboriginal people made use of the abundant waterways and would fish seafood from the areas. You can view rock carvings at the Bondi Golf Course, Ben Buckler Reserve and on the Coastal Walk.

In the 1800s convicts were banned from swimming at Bondi Beach because of the dangers os sharks and for “reasons of decorum”.

Bondi Nights Out

Map of BondiSummer is here and this means long days and warm balmy nights - the perfect setting to party with friends, lovers and others. One of the most important things to remember as it will impact your night is that Bondi is an Alcohol Free Zone. This is enforced by security, the council and police and they are really serious about it. 

Summer in Bondi means dancing till the wee hours of the morning, summer love, late night adventures and beautiful starry sky nights. If you've just landed in Bondi your summer night memories are just waiting to happen - we want you to make this the best summer of your life! 

Here are a few tips for your perfect summer night out in Bondi....

Have a Game Plan. 

Work out what's happening in Bondi. Read up here about happenings and night time adventures. Look at entertainment guides and make your nights out awesome! If getting drunk IS your only plan, then you’re setting you night up to be a fail. Most nights that start off like this in Bondi end up sad – a cluster of lonely people on the street not able to drink anywhere (it’s a complete no alcohol zone in Bondi), and with no place to go (the bars and clubs have strict rules about capacity and intoxication - if you're drunk you won't get in). It’s not fun at all.

Bondi is an Alcohol Free Zone

For everyone's comfort and safety, you are not allowed to drink alcohol on the beaches, parks and public streets. Check out the areas where you are not allowed to drink on the map here


Tips for a Hassle Free Night.. 


• Where are you going? (If you’re heading out on Christmas you might want to look out for the Sunburnt Christmas Party).  

• What vibe are you after? Do you want to dance, head to a pub, or chill out in a place? 

• Who are you meeting up with? Where? Do you have phone numbers to reach them?

• How are you going to get there and home hassle free (taxis are really rare at closing times in Bondi - public transport can be your best bet if you know where to catch it) 

Nasty Stuff…


Be aware of nasty stuff like drink spiking. You’re on holidays and you’re probably making lots of new friends. It's important to be open minded while you travel, but don’t let your guard down too far. Go to the bar with the new person who just offered to buy you a drink, and don’t leave your drink unattended. Drink spiking happens in Bondi.

There are a lot of risks associated with getting drunk – memory loss, horrid hangovers, risks of injury and risks of being victim of assault. These risks tend to go up when you’re in unfamiliar surroundings, and on top of that you will get intoxicated quicker if you are dehydrated (the sun will do that). 


Respect Yourself...Don't binge drink


• Set limits for your drinking and stick to them

• Drink non-alcoholic drinks in between and with alcoholic drinks - try it, really it feels pretty good. 

• Eat something before you go out

• Avoid getting involved in rounds or 'shouts' 



What if it all Goes Wrong? 

If someone needs medical help call '000' for an ambulance. Don’t wait around for them to ‘sober up’, or let anyone convince you that they will be OK. Stay with them. Call the ambulance and tell them what they have taken – drinks, drugs anything.  Don’t worry about getting into trouble with the medics – they are trained to help, not dob. 


Take a Hike - Coastal Walk 

Bondi By Foot There is nothing in the world quite like the coastal walk from Bondi Beach to Bronte. The spectacular cliff tops, glorious beaches and crisp salty air have been know to inspire, relax and delight travelers from across the globe. Locals love it too! View and print a map of the walk here. 

The walk begins at the north end of Bondi Beach at Ben Buckler Point. You can also join just on the footpath at the South side of Bondi (near Icebergs). It covers the headlands and bays of Bondi, Tamarama and Bronte Beaches with a cliff-top path from Bondi to Tamarama. The walk is 4km and takes around an hour and a half,  depending on your speed.

Bondi Weekend - Markets!

Bondi By Foot The Bondi Markets have been around since 1993 and now are a bit of a Sunday ritual for many locals.

What makes the Bondi Markets so great is that inside most of the stalls you'll find emerging young designers selling their own unique designer goods.  Bondi Markets is less touristy than many markets (no koala badges here!) and what also makes it great is that the vibe is very chilled.   

Another tip: Sometimes charity groups sell second hand and vintage wares at the Markets - these stores are often the best vintage finds! Bondi Markets is the place to go when your looking for the next big thing, or just something cute to pop in your luggage.