Plastic free bondi


We love this place and we know you will too on your visit this winter.

It’s a unique and beautiful part of the world and we need your help to keep it this way.

How? It’s easy. Even simple actions, like putting rubbish in the bin and using less plastic can help protect our ocean and beaches.​

1. Bin it so you don’t swim in it

Rubbish left in streets, parks and on the sand can end up in our ocean and harm marine life. Thank you for taking it with you and throwing it in the bin.

See messages from our Lifeguards in this short film clip. ​

2. Say goodbye to plastic water bottles

Plastic water bottles take a lot of energy and resources to make, and end up in our environment for hundreds of years - after only a few sips. Instead, grab a reusable water bottle for your daily adventures. You can fill it up at our free water dispensers along Bondi Beach promenade.​

3. Ban the bag

Plastic bags are a big rubbish and litter problem in Bondi, and all over the world. Shop with a reusable tote bag instead. Thanks for helping Bondi to be plastic-free. Celebrate Plastic Free July this month with a range of community activities!​

4. Recycle right

Look for the red and yellow bins on the beach and surrounds.

RED = Rubbish

YELLOW = recycling of paper, cardboard, bottles, plastic containers and glass.​

5. Butt it out

Smoking is not allowed on our beaches - this stops cigarette butts getting into the ocean. Please only smoke off the beach and put your cigarette butts in our special butt recycling bins. Butts get recycled into pot plants, watering cans, and even park benches.

We are working with the local community to make looking after our place part of our everyday – i.e. second nature. That means using less energy, less water, reducing our rubbish, better transport, and caring for our bushland and wildlife.


​Want to know more?

​Thank you for keeping Bondi beautiful. Enjoy your stay!

Join in doing Good in the ‘Hood with fun and free activities this Plastic Free July.

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